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My Story

  •  My love for beauty and fashion has been a part of my life since I did my first fashion show at the age of 15, beginning my journey to a fabulous life.
  •  Acting on TV /stage, beauty contests, Miss Universe, fashion shows ,  and traveling the world shaped my personality.
  • As a Licensed Esthetician in different countries I have acquired an extensive amount of experience working with a variety of personalities and ethnicities and now I would like to share all these secrets with you in my studio.



  • Good looking skin it's not an accident, it requires commitment. My mission is to guide you to achieve a radiant skin, offering honest beauty solutions. 
  • Decades of experience teaching make-up and as a fashion consultant  gives me the confidence to help you start the transformation that would benefit you positively.
  • I would like to my put experience to work for you to start having the glamorous look you always dreamed.


High-Quality Products

  • High quality ingredients are essential for a great skin. I use medical grade formulas with higher key active ingredients than the versions of over the counter products.
  •  My chemical peels and custom blended facials makes my clients feel like the products were made especially for them and no one else.  And it is !